Photo Credit: MIT Project Manus

Developing biohybrid solutions for global grand challenges requires teaching the next generation of inventors to build with biological and synthetic materials in synchrony. To target this need, I am establishing biofabrication (building with biology) as a core part of the STEM curriculum.

I have developed, tested, and disseminated materials to teach the essentials of biofabrication and bioethics to diverse audiences and been awarded grants to translate this curriculum to universities and biomaker spaces around the country. My goal is to empower aspiring inventors to build biohybrid solutions to the grand challenges we face as a shared global community.

For more information, please refer to my book Biofabrication, published by MIT Press and targeted at general audiences.


Implementation at MIT: Biomaker Space
Implementation at UIUC: I-STEM Feature of BioE 306: BioBots in the Classroom 
Implementation at UC Merced: Students Building Living Machines Out of Engineered Tissues


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Raman, R., Mitchell, M., Perez-Pinera, P., Bashir, R., and Destefano, L., 2016. Design and Integration of a Problem-Based Biofabrication Course into an Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Curriculum. Journal of Biological Engineering, 10(1), pp.10-18.