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For free photos and videos featuring my science and outreach, please visit the IF/THEN Collection.

Raman, R. Candid 1Selected Personal Profiles:
MIT Tech Review 35 Innovators Under 35 | Video
Forbes 30 Under 30: Science
MIT News Profile
L’Oreal USA For Women in Science Profile
HubWeek ChangeMaker Profile
STAT Wunderkinds Profile | Video
#SheCanSTEM Profile | Video
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Illinois Innovation $15k Prize Profile 
National SWE Outstanding Collegiate Member
Brown Girl of the Month Feature
Rosalind Franklin Society: How I Learned to Build with Biology
Thrive Global Feature: 5 Tips for Career Success
Illinois Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Profile
Baxter Young Investigator Award
Most Published Graduate Student in MechSE Illinois Graduate Program
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Nano@Illinois Profile
University of Illinois 150 Years – Alumna Profile
WGBH – Make Way For Millennials
Science With Friends – Bio and the Bot

Learn more about me and my research by visiting featured exhibits at the Carnegie Science Center, the Works Museum, and the International Museum of Surgical Science!

Selected Research Features:
MIT Tech Review 35 Innovators Under 35: EmTech Lightning Talk
L’Oréal USA: Transforming Drug Delivery
MIT News Feature on Novel Light-Triggerable Materials
NPR Science Friday: For These Robots, Squishy is Superior
BBC Science Focus: Can you build with biology?
NPR Science Friday: Predicting the Future of Robotics
Light illuminates the way for bio-bots
NSF Science Nation – These BioBots show some real muscle
IEEE Soft Robotics Podcast
Do The Impossible – Engineering at Illinois
Illinois News: Electrically Paced Bio-Bots Powered by Skeletal Muscle
Illinois News Video featuring Electrically Paced Skeletal Muscle Powered Bio-Bots
BioBots research also featured Popular Science, Forbes, NBCYahoo, Popular Mechanics, PBS News Hour, MIT Technology Review, BBC, Gizmodo, EngadgetTechCrunch, Mashable, and many other news sources!

Building with Biology: 
I-STEM Feature of BioE 306: BioBots in the Classroom 
Students Building Living Machines Out of Engineered Tissues
Research Live! Competition

STEM Interest & Outreach:
L’Oréal USA: Women In Science Have The Power To Change The World
Young Engineers Initiative in Kenya
Building Inclusive Communities at Illinois
What Drew Me to Illinois
Broadening Research Horizons with NSF Funded International Research Experience
Translational Research with the Center for Innovative Instrumentation Technology
Basic Research with PBS News Hour