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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

Grant, L.*, Raman, R.*, Cvetkovic, C., Ferrall-Fairbanks, M.C., Pagan Diaz, G. Hadley, P., Platt, M.O., and Bashir, R., (2018). Long-term cryopreservation and revival of tissue engineered skeletal muscle. Tissue Engineering: Part A. (In Press) *co-first author

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 Raman, R., Grant, L., Seo, Y., Cvetkovic, C., Gapinske, M., Palasz, A., Dabbous, H., Kong, H., Perez-Pinera, P., and Bashir, R., 2017. Damage, Healing and Remodeling in Optogenetic Skeletal Muscle Bioactuators. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 6(12). *Front Cover 

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Raman, R., Mitchell, M., Perez-Pinera, P., Bashir, R., and Destefano, L., 2016. Design and Integration of a Problem-Based Biofabrication Course into an Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Curriculum. Journal of Biological Engineering10(1), pp.10-18.

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Raman, R.*, Clay, N.E.*, Sen, S., Melhem, M., Qin, E., Kong, H., and Bashir, R., 2016. 3D Printing Enables Separation of Orthogonal Functions within a Hydrogel Particle. Biomedical Microdevices18(3), pp.1-7. *co-first author

Raman, R., Bhaduri, B., Mir, M., Shkumatov, A., Lee, M.K., Popescu, G., Kong, H. and Bashir, R., 2015. High‐Resolution Projection Microstereolithography for Patterning of NeovasculatureAdvanced Healthcare Materials, 5(5). *Back Cover

Neiman, J.A.S., Raman, R., Chan, V., Rhoads, M.G., Raredon, M.S.B., Velazquez, J.J., Dyer, R.L., Bashir, R., Hammond, P.T. and Griffith, L.G., 2015. Photopatterning of hydrogel scaffolds coupled to filter materials using stereolithography for perfused 3D culture of hepatocytesBiotechnology and Bioengineering112(4), pp.777-787.

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Journal Review Articles:

 Ricotti, L., Trimmer, B., Feinberg, A.W., Raman, R., Parker, K.K., Bashir, R., Sitti, M., Martel, S., Dario, P., and Menciassi, A., 2017. Biohybrid actuators for robotics: A review of devices actuated by living cellsScience Robotics2(12).

 Raman, R. and Bashir, R., 2017. Biomimicry, Biofabrication, and Biohybrid Systems: The Emergence and Evolution of Biological Design. Advanced Healthcare Materials. *Invited Review

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Dorvel, B., Damhorst, G., Chan, V., Shim, J., Banerjee, S., Cvetkovic, C., Raman, R. and Bashir, R., 2013. Research Highlights: Highlights from the last year in nanomedicineNanomedicine8(1), pp.13-15.

Book Chapters:

Raman, R., Bashir, R. “Stereolithographic 3D Bioprinting for Biomedical Applications”, 3D Biofabrication for Biomedical and Translational Research, 2015.

Doctoral Dissertation:

Raman, R., “3D Printed Muscle-Powered Bio-Bots”, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2016.

Masters Thesis:

Raman, R., “3D Microfabrication of Biological Machines”, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2013.