Build Beyond Biology

Raman, R. Candid 1To develop biohybrid solutions for global grand challenges, we must first teach the next generation of inventors to build with biological and synthetic materials in synchrony.

To target this need, I am working to establish building with (and beyond) biology as a core part of the undergraduate engineering curriculum. I helped design and teach a course at the University of Illinois focused on teaching students the process of ethically designing, building, evaluating, and optimizing bio-bots targeted at a variety of applications. This class has been translated to other institutions, such as UC Merced, and is currently being implemented in a freshman class at MIT. My goal is to empower aspiring inventors to build biohybrid solutions to the grand challenges we face as a shared global community.


Implementation at UIUC: I-STEM Feature of BioE 306: BioBots in the Classroom 
Implementation at UC Merced: Students Building Living Machines Out of Engineered Tissues


Raman, R., Mitchell, M., Perez-Pinera, P., Bashir, R., and Destefano, L., 2016. Design and Integration of a Problem-Based Biofabrication Course into an Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Curriculum. Journal of Biological Engineering, 10(1), pp.10-18.