Build Beyond Biology

Raman, R. Candid 1To develop bio-hybrid solutions for global grand challenges, we must first teach the next generation of inventors to build with biological and synthetic materials in synchrony.

To target this need, I am working to establish building with biology as a core part of the undergraduate engineering curriculum. I helped design and teach a course at the University of Illinois focused on teaching students the process of ethically designing, building, evaluating, and optimizing bio-bots targeted at a variety of applications. My goal is to teach aspiring inventors the skills they need to build beyond biology.


Implementation at UIUC: I-STEM Feature of BioE 306: BioBots in the Classroom 
Implementation at UC Merced: Students Building Living Machines Out of Engineered Tissues


Raman, R., Mitchell, M., Perez-Pinera, P., Bashir, R., and Destefano, L., 2016. Design and Integration of a Problem-Based Biofabrication Course into an Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Curriculum. Journal of Biological Engineering, 10(1), pp.10-18.